tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

It is the evening of the day

Oh boy, it´s August now! Mama has been on a business trip in last week, so I have been a hostess. ( Okay, okay: grandparents were here too...)
It has been a lovely week. I've been eating a lot of hot dogs and ham slices and I have gained some extra weight. ( Our kitchen has really been open 24h!)
Mama plans to renovate our toilet. She has already bought a new carpet and a bathroom lighting. I really don't know, what  she is going to do with all those Washi-stickers!
Well, I´m happy when my mama is happy:-)
Yours, Rasavilli
ps. Those lovely roses mama got from his husband. I wonder, why my boyfriend doesn't understand that I love roses too!

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