lauantai 22. maaliskuuta 2014

Sunny saturday and some new carpets:)

Greetings from Villa Kardemumma! Today we have had "the great cleaning day!"- again! Ok. we have done many nice things too:) Mom bought some new carpets and one of those is now on the picture. It looks pretty nice.

Mom also bought this "thing" to dad. He has said that it would be nice to have a place for his own coffee cup. So... now he has a place for his OWN coffee cup. I understand my dad very well! Even I have my own place for my cups.

Yeah, it`s really nice weather here now: sun is shining and it`s +4 celcius. And mom says that our windows are so, so dirty. Well, ofcourse those are dirty. It has bee so long and dark winter. It´s great to have spring again!

Have a nice saturday evening! We are going to make some hamburgers and strawberry icecream. Yam!
Yours: Rasavilli

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